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Our Prices At Wilton House

Are you looking for the lowest price, or the best value?

There is always someone who will do it for less, whatever, whoever and wherever 'it' is. We offer affordable care for your pet but will not always be the cheapest because that's not what we're about. We're about value. Our fees represent a fair price, especially when you take into account what's included as standard in everything we do.

  • Time to talk, to listen, and to consider your options
  • Caring, skilled, experienced staff
  • The best medical equipment and technology available
  • Continuity of care
  • A partnership of care, we share the decision making with you


Initial Consultation £36.50
Follow-up Consultation £33.00
Small Furry Consultation £24.00

*Depending on duration of appointment, please contact the practice for further informaiton. 


Puppy Vaccinations £32.00 each or £58.00 for full course
Dog Booster Vaccination *£39.50
Dog Kennel Cough Vaccination £32.00
Kennel Cough with other £23.00
Kitten Vaccination £32.00 each or £58.00 for full course
Cat Vaccination £39.50
Rabbit Vaccines (Vaccine Dependant) £30.00 - £64.00

Please contact the practice for exact cost which is dependant on which vaccine is given. 

Neutering Operations

Dog Castrate <25kg £175.00
Dog Castrate 25-45kg £210.00
Dog castrate >45kg £235.00
Bitch Spay <25kg £235.00
Bitch Spay 25-45kg £270.00
Bitch Spay >45kg £325.00
Cat Spay £95.00
Cat Castration £65.00
Midline Cat Spay £115.00
Rabbit Spay £110.00
Rabbit Castration £90.00


Microchip Identification  £20.00
Microchip (with another procedure) £16.00

A good quality microchip is a simple way of identifying your pet for life.